Is Root Canal Treatment Right For You?

Root canal treatment is the type of endodontic treatment we suggest for patients whose dental pulp has become inflamed or infected as the result of deep tooth decay or bacterial invasion through any crack or opening in their tooth. Neglecting the proper treatment may cause extreme tooth discomfort. The problem will continue to worsen and may result in an abscess or an infection that spreads to the surrounding areas. To prevent these problems our dentists use root canals to remove the dental pulp and other tissue from within your tooth, re-seal your tooth, and cover it with a beautiful dental crown.

Get Root Canal Treatment in Syosset!

The only way to find out if your damaged tooth needs a root canal is to contact us at The Mouradian Smile Boutique to schedule an appointment. Our dentists can help restore the health and comfort of your teeth. To receive more information about root canals in Huntington, NY, contact us today!