What makes us different from the rest?

1. Friendly and compassionate: we get to know our patients as individuals and what makes them smile and be happy. We know their families, friends and neighbors. Some of our patients have been with our doctor her entire professional career. That is the best compliment for our office.

2. Quality of the work: (just as important as #1) is the highest skill level that our doctor has aquired through numerous lectures as well as studies of the mouth and smile through pictures over the last 16 years. Our smile make overs and all the work done on our promises lasts long, long time. We are confident in our skill to the point that we give a warranty for one year after any work done here. We will redo at no charge if issues come up in the first one year. That is a rare in our field and speaks volumes for the kind of work that we do.

3. Competitive fees: we provide “Boutique-like”Dentistry for insurance fees. We accept insurance ppo fees and most of the major work that you see is done with some insurance benefits in position. If no insurance is present, you will find our fees to be extremely fair. Patients love referring to us their friends and family!

4. Gentle touch: we believe that the amount of pressure applied to a vital structure such as teeth and soft tissue has to be minimized. Our patients enjoy minimal discomfort after procedures such as fillings, veneers even root canal.*

5. Punctual: we take great care to stay on time with our appointments and patients have minimal to no waiting time. Our high skill level allows us to predictibility and few surprises during treatment which ensures that we stay on time!

6. Cleansliness of the office.

*results vary from patient to patient

We will have you smiling when you leave our office!