1. I have never had a dentist look at my teeth with such detail…

    Excellent bedside manner, personable and knowledgeable. I have never had a dentist look at my teeth with such detail and offer multiple treatment options for each issue. I highly recommend Dr. Mouradian! The front desk staff is also very polite and accommodating.…Read More

    Colleen S.
  2. Very professional and clean.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Mouradian for over 10 years, and I have never been dissapointed in any way. She always keeps the appointments within 5 minutes, the office and here stuff are always very professional and clean. I am looking forward to every visit, as strange as it sounds when speaking about going to your dentist.…Read More

    Edward K.
  3. Wonderful experience.

    Wonderful experience. My first dentist to give real feedback and advice about my teeth. She made immediate changes. Never left a dentist appointment so pleased.…Read More

  4. complete satisfaction!

    Dr. Mouradian addressed the reason for our visit to our complete satisfaction!…Read More

  5. Great staff.

    What an amazing office, great staff, ver high-tech… Felt very comfortable!…Read More

  6. Very comfortable.

    The front desk person (Pam) was exceptionally cooperative and courteous. My daughter was attended by Dr. Singh who I found to be the utmost professional. She walked through the results of the checkup with me and let me know upfront what the out-of-pocket expenses for the next appointment would be. I asked my daughter how it went and she said that she was very comfortable.…Read More

  7. Very kind and gentle.

    She does excellent work. Very kind, gentle and amazing with veneers.…Read More

  8. Very thorough.

    Very thorough and practical.…Read More

  9. Very thorough cleaning!

    Very thorough cleaning! She and her staff were nice. Would see her again.…Read More

  10. Great at what she does.

    Highly recommended! She does not keep you waiting and is great at what she does.…Read More